New Nokia Android Phones | Nokia 6 Nokia 3-5-Nokia 8 Mobiles in 2017

New Nokia Android Phones | Nokia 6 Nokia 3-5-Nokia 8 Mobiles in 2017
New Nokia Android Phones | Nokia 6 Nokia 3-5-Nokia 8 Mobiles in 2017

Nokia remains on the top of mobile market until android and iOS release their first phones back around 2010. After that Nokia made some worst decision to just make windows phones. They tried to gain some shares in smart phone market but failed to do so. In 2014 Nokia is sold to Microsoft. Microsoft also failed and sold Nokia brand name to HDM. HDM currently hold the rights of making phones under the brand name of Nokia.

Nokia Announcment at MWC 2017 About Up Coming Nokia Android Phones


Nokia at MWC 2017 event on 26 Feb announce three Nokia android phones. They also unveiled Nokia 6 which is already a big success of Nokia in China.

Nokia 6 | Nokia’s First Android Phone | Upcoming Nokia 6 Android Phone


Earlier this year not released Nokia 6 Android phone in china with record 23 second sold out with 1 million pre registered sales. Success of Nokia 6 android phone in china is a good confidence booster for Nokia as a brand. This success also motivates them to launch Nokia 6 Globally before June.

Nokia 6 released date is not confirm. But Nokia will release it in second quarter of 2017 because they are also planning to launch a flagship release at the end of the year. The price can be somewhere around 200-250 pounds in UK.


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Nokia 6 comes with 5.5 inch Full HD Gorilla glass screen with a unibody of aluminum. The phones comes out with Snapdragon 430 processor, 3GBRam and 32GB internal storage. Nokia 6 is currently comes in 3 colors with matte black as favorite. Two other colors are blue and copper. It also comes in shiny arte black special edition. Other main differences of Arte Black edition is 64GB internal storage and 4GB Ram. Both editions of Nokia 6 support SD card up to 128Gb. Nokia 6 measures 154 x 75.8 x 7.85mm in dimension. Finger print sensor is pretty good with multitasking keys on each side. Front and rear cameras are 16 and 8 MP respectively. The dual speaker and amplifies is an amazing feature for music and videos addicts. Nokia 6 will comes out of the box with android 7.1.1 Nougat.

More or less Nokia 6 is a square shape phone easy to grip but difficult to hold for long periods of time. Design is somewhat similar to flagship premium phones. Good design and low price certainly boost some sales for Nokia in near future.

The only drawback is that you can buy same type of processor in Moto G5 which is available at $169.

This phone is not the biggest bang in mobile phones market but surely create some ripples in old Nokia users. With good price tag and amazing features Nokia 6 is a good middle ranged phone for android users in 2017.

Nokia 5 | Nokia’s second announced Android Phone in 2017 | Upcoming Nokia 5

Nokia 5 is genuine middle range android smart phone which is expected to be released in second quarter of 2017. It’s expected price is around 160 pounds which is lower than Moto G5.

The Nokia 5 comes with 5.2 inch IPS HD Gorilla glass screen in a uni aluminum metal body. The design is durable and easy to grip and hold. Nokia 5 will come in 4 colors (Matte black, silver, blue and copper). One of the major drawback of Nokia 5 is its screen resolution which is 1280 x 720. On the other hand Moto G5 offer full HD screen in almost similar price range.

The processor is snapdragon 425 just like Nokia 6 and Moto G5. Other specs are Adreno 505 graphics and 2Gb Ram and 16GB internal memory with SD card support up to 128GB, 13MP rear and 5 MP front camera, 3000mAh non removable battery and android version 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box.

Overall it’s a good lower middle range phone with some extra ordinary specifications. The only problem might be running games and multitasking on 425 processor. Nokia will surely make some middle range customers happy with their price tags for sure.

Final verdicts are held back for more testing of Nokia 5 android phone.

Nokia 3 | Nokia’s Third announced Android Phone in 2017 |
Upcoming Nokia 3


Nokia 3 is a budget oriented smart phone with a price tag approximately around 120 pounds in UK. Mostly this type of market was recently captured by Moto G4 and G5. It is also expected to be launched in market in second quarter of the year. But no exact date is announced up till now. We will inform you of when there is an announced date from Nokia itself.

Nokia 3 is smaller than Nokia 5 and 6. It holds a 5 inch gorilla glass screen with resolution of 1280 x 720 just like Nokia 5. Nokia 3 comes with 2 GB ram and Quad core 1.3 Ghz processor from MTk with 16 GB internal memory and SD card support up to 128 GB.

 Its body is made up from polycarbonate with aluminum frame. Design is premium considering its excellent price tag. With 8.48 thickness Nokia 6 is designer for one hand easy grip and usage.

It comes in all 4 colors ( Matte Black, silver, blue and copper) just like its other two counterparts. There is a small camera bump in back which does not effects its premium looks at all.

Nokia 3 will defiantly comes out of the box with android nougat 7.0 in its original form. Rear and front cameras are 8MP and are not as good as other two counterparts.

Note : Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 all phones comes with LTE, wifi, Micro Usb port, NFC and Headphone Jack. Batteries are long lasting and can easily last whole day of heavy usage. Many sources confirmed that all three Nokia Phones will launch in May and June 2017.


The Nokia Flagship Nokia P1 Phone | Nokia 8 and Nokia 7


Yes there is something Nokia was hiding On MWC Feb 2017 event. This is about their flagship Nokia phone release in 2017. Some days ago a some sketches of Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 are circling around on Baidu a Chinese social media network.

In these sketches one can clearly see that Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 both comes out with Carl Zeiss lens. This is a new thing for Nokia android phones. In these sketches one can cleary see dual camera at the back which is speculated to be Nokia 8 or So called Nokia P1.

Other sources also revealed that Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 will be released with Snapdragon 660 processor which is yet to be released in any other phone. Previous leaks also tipped that One of them (maybe Nokia 7) will display smaller screen with 1080p resolution. The other ( Nokia 8/ Nokia P1) will offer QHD display for the first time in Nokia Android phones.

Both phones will comes with fast chargers, uni metal body and tiny bezels and a great fingerprint scanner with gestures is also tipped of in recent times.

There are many experts saying that snapdragon 660 may have 4 cortex A73 CPUs of 2.2ghz or 4 cortex A53cpu’s of 1.9 Ghz. Some also said that they use same cores by kyro used previously in snapdragon 820. It is expected to that manufacturing of snapdragon 660 processors will start in at big scale In second quarter of 2017. It is also said that Oppo and Vivo are also showing interest in snapdragon 660 processors.

There is no official news about Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 from Nokia itself. But it is expected to be released in later half of 2017. Nokia is likely to announce these phones in second quarter after the release of Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Up till now there is no more available news about any other Nokia android phone.

I will update this list as soon as I heard any authentic news from Nokia or on a good tip from anyone in Nokia close circle. Visit our blog regularly for more news and updates about Nokia android phones.


Nokia also announced Nokia revised version of 3310 non android phone in second quarter of 2017. Price is expected to be somewhere around 50 pounds. Many people are excited about revised 3310. Nokia also claims as large number of pre sales booking of 3310.

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