What is Android Technology | How Google Developed Android Over Years

Android technology
Android technology

Android Technology is an Linux Kernel based operating system developed by Google. The Android development by Google is mostly for touch screen devices (tablets and smartphones). Android user interface is based on touch sensation for doing simple things like swiping and tapping which in return manipulate on screen objects (applications). A virtual keyboard is used to insert text input.

Android TV, Android wears and android auto also comes with advancement of android development by Google. Cameras, notebooks and games consoles also use android OS.

The first version of android is released commercially in September 2008. Since then android grows rapidly. Now almost 70% mobile user use android based smart phones.

The latest version of android “Nougat 7.0” is released in August 2016. The up coming version is named as Android O by developers. Currently it is only available for developers. Google will officially launch Android  O in mid 2017 with their smart phone Google Pixel 2.   

Android applications are the back bone of android development from Google. There are several million free, fermium and paid apps on Google Play store available for every android user globally.

Android is the top seller OS operating system with smart phones and tablets since 2013. It is estimated that 1.4 billion monthly active users are using android OS in September 2015 and the number are growing every month.

Android source code comes with and open source license which gives everyone the ability to use it with adding some overlay over it. It is favored over any other open source OS because its low cost, efficient and readymade. Developer can also easily customize the open source android OS.

Surprisingly the earlier development of android is not by Google. Android is developed a team consists of Andy rubin, Nick Sears, Rich Miner and Chris White. Another surprise is their intention is to develop an operating system for cameras. Bu they soon realized that they ends up with potentially one of the major development to create phones which are aware of their owner preferences and location.

Back in 2005, Google bought Android which is surely not successful own their on with a staggering 50 million dollar.  Google team lead by Rubin developed a Linux kernel based operating system for mobiles. Google marketed this operating system and gain a large number of partners. Google also ensure its partners that the operating system would be upgrade able and open to certain extent of co-operations.

Surprisingly the first Google phones resembles Blackberry with qwerty keyboard. But soon the launch of iPhone makes them go back to the drawing table and map android again.

After that Google made a strong alliance “Open handset alliance” in which HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sprint, T-Mobiles, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are partners with a single goal to develop touch screen smart phones. They released HTC dream (T-Mobile G1) on 23 Sep 2008 as first android smart Phone.

The named the versions of android alphabetically and give them names of sweet sugary treats. The version are named as following. Alpha, beta, Cupcake, donut, éclair, froyo, GigerBread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, Kitkat, Lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and now Android O.

In 2010 Google makes a new strategy of partnering up with mobile manufacturers to launch a mobile model with new version of android every year. Since then they are setting the bench mark for flagship phones for new android versions. This series of phones are called “Nexus series”.

Google announced the Special Stock android version of Samsung s4 at developers conference in 2013. They promise that Stock version android phones use simplest latest version and also promised to deliver new updates faster than manufacturers. Samsung galaxy s4 Stock version is followed by HTC One, Moto G to become the first Google play edition programs.

Google also introduce “Android One” for manufacturers to make better smart phones at low price for developing countries. Google is trying his best to capture low cost android phones markets all over the world with its “Android One” Program.

In Oct 2016 Google launched his first Phones as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Both these phones ends for other companies to launch new android version with name of Nexus. Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL both are launched with Android Nougat 7.0 in its purest from straight from Google without any overlay from any Mobile manufacturer.

Google is also going to launch Google Pixel 2 in mid of 2017. Google Pixel 2 will comes out of the box with Android O for the first time in market. So the android development by Google is certainly taking a new turn now. This turn will make Google one of the major mobile brands in world within few years.

How they develop Interface of Android

As we all know android interface is touch based. In touch based systems a simple touch manipulates a real world action. The keyword for input is virtual. The more complex actions like turning a car in a racing game requires proximity sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes. External hardware devices are also supported. You can connect then with Bluetooth or USB.

mainly two types of things (apps and widgets) found on mobile home screen in and android phone. Apps require action to launch while widgets update themselves on their own to show your updates about weather, your heart beat rate and many more interesting things. You can swipe down the home screen to open quick notifications and quick settings.

Interface is also customizable.

Interestingly the Android trademark green logo is designed with and inspiration from Human symbol on a door of a rest room. They modified it to give it a bot look and made a universally recognized Logo. This basic logo is now over layed just like the software of android.

I will surely write more about Android development by Google and its history in a detailed post in future.